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For Patients

How to Apply

HOPE sees patients by appointment only. An enrollment form must be completed before being scheduled. 
Patients can come into the office and request an application form. HOPE is located at:

2332 Jordan Rd, McAllen, TX 78503

If you would like a form faxed or email, please call the office at 956-994-3319 or email 

In addition to the form, it is required that HOPE has a copy of:

  1. A picture ID of the patient
  2. Proof of income - if there is no income a letter must be written by the patient stating so
  3. Proof of address - this can be in the form of a bill or a letter addressed to the patient

Once the application process is completed a patient will be called for their appointment.

Medical appointment wait times may vary according to the volunteer physician schedule. Counseling patients will be given a face to face or phone screening for additional information prior to their appointment.  

  • HOPE English Application. Download and Print. Complete and submit in person with an ID, proof of income, and proof of residence (bill).

  • HOPE Spanish Application