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HOPE Con (Annual Mental Health Training)

Hope Family Health Center is committed to providing Continuing Education opportunities to Professionals in the Community.  We pride ourselves in sharing with other mental health professionals innovative ideas on how to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health in working with their clients. 

This year we had the honor of hosting "From Resistance to Resilience:  25 Techniques for Motivation and Positive Change" presented by Fred J. Hanna, Ph. D. at our 11th Annual Mental Health Training. Over One hundred and forty mental health professionals had the opportunity to gain knowledge & Intervention Techniques  from a dynamic speaker. There is no doubt that acquired skills and interventions will  be applied to any Mental Health setting including Schools, Private Practice, Hospice, Hospital, Juvenile & Adult Probation, among many others.   

HOPE's Annual Mental Health Training is every year during the month of May. The training not only provides the attendees the convenience of learning, but to stay close their work/home. Our attendees have expressed the convenience of this venue and we would like to see you there next year.


2017 HOPE's Annual Mental Health Training (HOPE Con) was hosted at the Edinburg Conference Center at 118 Paseo Del Prado, Edinburg, TX 78539. This venue offered large projected screens, a main stage, and approximately 3,100, a precise sound system, and adjustable lighting to comfort the attendees.


Hope Family Health Center received excellent Evaluations which consistently shared a similar theme:  "Excellent Presenter-Relevant, Usable Techniques.  Presenter was awesome-great delivery of information. Genuine and Effective."


This pricing is based on 2017 Mental Health Training and is scheduled to change for 2018.

Early Bird Fee: $85.00

Late Fee: $100.00

Next Year

This positive feedback from our attendees provides us with the motivation and challenge to plan for next year's 12th Annual Mental Health Training.