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About Farmmacy Program

Hope Family Health Center, in partnership with the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley and the Texas A&M School of Public Health have successfully launched the Hope Farmmacy Program. Hope Farmmacy is part of the Working on Wellness (WOW) McAllen coalition’s efforts to improve the health of Hidalgo County residents through increased access to healthy food and physical activity. With the efforts put into Farmmacy, a group of participants will be supplied with fresh, Valley grown vegetables, either weekly or bi-weekly depending on harvest that can help increase the availability of healthy food and the want to continue to eat healthy.  Becoming a participant is as simple as being a patient here at Hope Family Health Center.   “We at Hope Clinic are extremely excited to be a part of this program. We strive to provide our patients the best care and provide the tools they need to achieve a healthier lifestyle and this program allows us to do just that,” said Rebecca Stocker, Executive Director, Hope Family Health Center.