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Services provided at our

McAllen Location:

Primary Medical Care

Primary medical care includes annual exams, diabetic screenings, education and treatment, diagnostic testing, and care for both men/women.

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Integrated Care

HOPE' s Integrated Behavioral Health takes a team-based approach to address depression, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Medical Assistants, MD, PA, behavioral health specialists, nutritionists, and our care coordinator collaborate with patients to create individualized health plans.

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Our case management team assists patients with medical, mental health, and social resources in the community. Patients who are referred to specialty care and laboratory services meet with the case manager to help assess their needs and develop a health plan. With this resource, patients are able to find the best care for their needs.

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Medical staff is trained in nutritional education to help patients achieve their health goals. Our nutritionist educates patients and helps create a specialized dietary plan for each individual. In addition, HOPE has a partnership with UT Health, a program with the mission of helping people with uncontrolled diabetes in the Rio Grande Valley to achieve optimal health. 

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Individual, group, couple, and marital counseling services. We offer treatment and counseling for depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, and other obstacles.

(Available for ages 6 and up.)

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Warm Line (844)755-4673

The HOPE Peer Support Warmline is an alternative for someone who is looking for emotional support. The Warmline is non-crisis, toll free. The staff can also provide community resources and are open during the hours other resources may not be available.

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Peer support

Hope's Peer Support Program assists individuals experiencing behavioral health struggles. Peer Support Specialists are individuals who have lived through recovery and use their experience to assist others in regaining hope, lead to a path of wellness and move forward in achieving their goals.

Who qualifies for services?

Any individual who does not have medical insurance qualifies for services. HOPE does not accept any form of insurance. If you have insurance, HOPE has wonderful partners in the community where we can refer you.

What does the application process look like?

A patient must complete an application for services and provide: valid picture ID, proof of household income, and proof of address. First appointment will be for labs. Individuals must get labs drawn prior to consulting with provider. Individuals must be registered patients with HOPE to receive services.

Is there a cost or fee?

HOPE does NOT charge for services at the clinic. However, we do ask for and encourage patients to donate $5-$15 for services. Patients are responsible for payments to third-party providers. This includes labs, referrals, and specialty care. Should patients need assistance with payment, they may speak with our case managers.

Just because patients seek services in one location, does not exclude them from having access to services at our other location.

McAllen clinic

Operating Hours

Monday-Wednesday: 8 am - 5 pm

Thursday: 7 am - 5 pm

Friday: 8 am - 1:30 pm


2332 Jordan Rd.  W. , McAllen, TX 78503


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ALL services are by appointment only.

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