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For Patients

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who qualifies for services? 

Persons seeking services must not have medical and /or mental health insurance coverage and must be at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. If a person has Medicare, Medicaid, Texas CHIP, Workman’s Compensation or Private Insurance they will be referred to local area providers.

2) Do you take walk ins?

Because of the nature of our clinic and the volunteer physicians, we cannot accept walk-in patient for counseling or medical care. In order to register as a patient you must complete an application for services.

3) What is the fee for services?

HOPE asks all patients to donated $5-$10 for services provided at the clinic. Although no person will be denied services for an inability to donate, these donations help offset the cost of running a safety net clinic. HOPE does not pay for a patient's lab work or referrals. 

4) Will you help me pay for my surgery?

 Unfortunately because of financial constraints we cannot assist patients in the full payment of surgeries. We will assist in locating applications for support services such as County Indigent and Medicaid/Medicare. 

5) Where do you get your funding?

HOPE does not bill for services and does not accept any form of insurance. HOPE is sustained through individual and patient donations, our Angels of HOPE donation programs, grants, and fundraisers. 

6) I'm interested in volunteering as a medical provider. Who should I contact?

Please email for all volunteer opportunities. We certainly welcome Texas Licensed Physicians, Physician Assistants, Family Nurse Practitioners and more. 

We do require a copy of a person's license and criminal background check before volunteering at our clinic. 

7) Will you pay for my lab work and medication?

No. HOPE does not pay for a patient's lab work or medications.