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For Patients


Hope Family Health Center's mission is to provide integrated quality care to the uninsured. We are committed to provide excellent service to our community. The following is a list of responsibilities and rights you have as a patient and we have as a primary care provider. 


  • Right to a reasonable response to request for treatment:
    • You have the right to have things you ask about at  HOPE Family Health Center be heard and understood as well as acted upon if it is available and does not go against the law or the mission of HOPE.
  • You have the right to know exactly what risks are involved in the care you may receive as well as an explanation of treatment and your care plan. 
  • Right to Equal Access to treatment  
  • You have the right to get information about HOPE Family Health Center's patient rights and responsibilities when you apply for services.
  • The Right to Kind and Respectful Care. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Thinking about your psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural needs, wishes or beliefs that guide how you view your illness
    • Focusing on  your comfort and dignity while receiving therapy or treatment
    • The development of your health care plan and goals
  • Right to make decisions about your care
    • You have the right to be given facts about your care and to ask those who take care of you to tell you their name and what they are going to do to take care of you.
    • You have the right to accept or to refuse medical treatment, and to be  told of what may happen with your health if you refuse treatment.
    • You have the right to know all members of your health care team. 
  • Right to give informed consent.
  • Right to Privacy and Confidentiality
    • You have the right to expect that all communications and records about  your care will be treated as confidential, except in cases such as suspected abuse and public health hazards or when reporting is permitted or required by law. 
    • You have a right to ask about integrated health and who on the health care team will have access to your medical and psychotherapy records.
  • Right of access to your medical records. 
  • Right to be free from abuse
  • Right to receive explanation of any referral appointments or lab work that is requested by our physicians or providers.
  • Right of access to an interpreter if required.


HOPE is a medical home and  it is HOPE’s policy to have patients’ medical and counseling needs met at one clinic. 

  • Patients are responsible to bring past medical records to initial visit as well as medication to every visit with the physician.
  • Patients are responsible to leave a $10  donation for HOPE services at each time of their visit 
  • Patients are responsible for the payment of lab work, referrals including MRI, XRAY, Specialty Appointments, and at times surgeries.
    • HOPE is a 501c3 not for profit clinic. A patient's health may require they have additional lab work and/or an off site procedure. HOPE is not financially responsible for these procedures. If a patient cannot pay the procedure in full they can request an appointment with the clinic's case manager/care coordinator for the necessary forms requesting assistance. 
      • The Executive Director and/or Medical Director will review referral forms and approve or deny these forms. 
  • Patient's are responsible for updating their contact information
    • Keep HOPE informed of any phone number or address change. Appointments will be made two (2) weeks in advance. We will call the phone number you have provided on your application.
  • Patients are responsible for letting the clinic know at least two weeks in advance if they are running out of their medication. Medications may be provided depending on availability.
    • Hope Family Health Center does not guarantee that medication will be available at all times. If at any given time a medication is not available you will be given a prescription and you are responsible for purchasing the medication.
  • Patients are required to sign in once they arrive at the clinic and responsible for updating any contact information.
  • Patients are responsible for calling 24 hrs in advance if they will not be able to make your appointment. NOTE: If an appointment is  missed and patient does not call they will NOT be automatically rescheduled. 
    • NOTE: If a patient misses three (3) scheduled appointments in a row without notifying the clinic the file will be closed and you will be referred to a clinic in your area.
  • Counseling patients are required to reschedule directly with their therapist. 
  • Patients are responsible to follow a treatment plan agreed upon with their physician. A patient may be released from the clinic if they are non compliant with treatment. 
  • Patients are responsible for treating the volunteers and staff with respect. 

Medical providers are volunteers and appointments are based on their availability.  We do not accept walk ins for counseling or for medical.