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For Patients

Patient Success Stories

Success can be measured in a number of ways. At Hope Family Health Center our success comes from our patients. Through the 22 years of business we have served many residents from the Rio Grande Valley. Each patient their own unique story.

Take a few minutes to learn about them as they give you their testimonial on how they found HOPE.

Shared by our partners from Texas Association of Charitable Clinics via Facebook:

Patient Story- IBH
Summer 2018

Three years ago, Pontianita started feeling dizzy and had blurred vision. She spoke to her cousin about it who referred her to a clinic. She was refused their services.
One day, as she was looking through the newspaper she found Salud y Vida. This is a program that bridges the gap in healthcare by identifying chronic diseases in low income patients and referring them to different clinics. She contacted them and they told her they would come to her house and check her blood pressure. Once they paid her a visit, they referred her to Hope Family Health Center.
Here, Pontianita has been attending counseling services, exercise classes and nutrition courses. She also has visited specialists outside the clinic for exams for free. Additionally she has received free dental care and lab work.

As expected, these services have helped Pontianita a great deal. She even perceives herself to be more confident and expressive. She has also grown morally, in faith and spirit. She has learned that a good balanced diet is essential to have a better lifestyle.

For Pontianita, the people at Hope Family Health Center have become like a second family. She is grateful for all the services she has availed and thankful to all the staff and volunteers for helping her regain her health.

Once again, thank you for being a part of this family and journey to serve the uninsured in the LRGV. 

Shared by Counselor, Nabi De Angulo

Patient Story- IBH 

Fall 2018

Client was a 63 year old female who sought counseling services for Anxiety and Depression. Client presented with a series of medical concerns including body aches, headaches, knee pain,  and sleep apnea. Throughout my work with client it became evident that client also presented with characteristics of hypochondria. Collectively with the team we agreed that we would best serve this client's needs if we come together with the client to prioritize client's needs. Jackie on the medical side was able to provide her recommendations of client's medical concerns, Ziomara was able to explain the referral process, community resources, and address other client's concerns and the weekly work with me focused on helping client remain present in the here and now, process past trauma that may have contributed to her overly activated stress response system, and provide tools to manage anxiety.