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Angels of HOPE
ANGELS of HOPE is a community partnership supporting the funding of health in our community. One time or recurring contribution will allow Hope Family Health Center to sustain our services to the uninsured and those in need. We have many levels of our Angels of HOPE sponsorship program from our Millenarian Angel Sponsorship of a recurring $1,000 per year to one time donations of $5. All donations help us in our mission to care for the sick. 

Your gifts, both large and small, will help us to achieve our vision of empowering individuals to take responsibility for his or her own well being and our mission in providing quality integrated medical and counseling services.

Hope Family Health Centers treats approximately 4,000 patients (medical and counseling) and ask for your help to continue serving the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Your contribution of a one time or monthly will sponsor a lab or medical procedure. 

To help now, click the yellow (donate) button below.

Thank you for the generous support these past 22 years that allows us to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people and their families each year in the Rio Grande Valley. -Hope Family

  • Angels of Hope
    Angels of Hope