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Texercise Advance

Tuesday, September 18, 2018
2:00 pm3:00 pm
Hope Family Health Center
Texercise Advance

Texercise Advance Curriculum

09.11.18 Water: before, during, and after exercise.
09.13.18 The Heart: Normal and Abnormal Pain (Chest pain)
09.18.18 Dehydration: Kidney and Electrolyte Imbalance
09.20.18 Join Pain in Relation to Exercise
09.25.18 Sleep: How much? Complications of Sleep Deprivation
09.27.18 Skin Cancer – Sunblock
10.02.18 Liver & Hepatitis: Affected by DM
10.04.18 Hypothyroidism: Weight Gain
10.09.18 Kidney: Affected by HIN-DM. Abuse of Meds
10.11.18 Eye: lubricants. (Mobil Vision)
10.16.18 Barriers to Exercise: Weather – Mental
10.18.18 Falls: Prevention, safety, enough lighting
10.23.18 The Foot: right footwear, foot exam
10.25.18 Teeth
10.30.18 Eating to Exercise
11.01.18 BMI: How it is measured? 3 categories
11.06.18 Social Exercising: Buddy Systems
11.08.18 Vitamins: individuals or packaged is it needed
11.13.18 Balance: Food – Exercise
11.15.18 Graduation