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Diabetes Prevention Program (DDP)

Ready Set, Go!

Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)- A 12 month program structured to teach participants to learn about their current health status and implement a healthier lifestyle with the goal of preventing diabetes.


  • 18- 64 years of age
  • No diabetes
  • Overweight
  • High Blood pressue
  • Large waist measurement
  • Abnormal blood fat levels


  • Take part in a Lifestyle change program to help prevent diabetes and lower risk for heart disease
  • Learn about healthy eating to safely lose weight
  • Slowly and safely increase physical activity
  • Learn how to problem solve and stay motivated

Class Name: HOPE 2019

Date and Time of class: Thursdays 10:30-12:00pm


DPP HOPE Clinic Schedule

Session 1: 8/1/2019 (measurements) Be a Good Group Member

Session 2: 8/8/2019 Be a Calorie Detective

Session 3: 8/15/2019 Healthy Eating

Session 4: 8/22/2019 Move Those Muscles 

Session 5: 8/29/2019 Tip the Calorie Balance

Session 6: 9/5/2019 Take Charge of What’s Around You

Session 7: 9/12/2019 Problem Solving 

Session 8: 9/19/2019 Step Up Your Physical Activity Plan

Session 9: 9/26/2019 Manage Slips and Self-Defeating Thoughts

Session 10: 10/3/2019 Four Keys to Healthy Eating Out

Session 11: 10/10/2019 Make Social Cues Work for You

Month 4-5 (bi-weekly)

Session 12: 10/17/2019 (measurements) Ways to Stay Motivated

Session 13: 10/31/2019 Strengthen Your Physical Activity Plan

Session 14:11/14/2019 Take Charge of Your Lifestyle

Session 15: 11/21/2019 Mindful Eating, Mindful Movement

Month 6-12 (monthly)

Session 16: 12/12/2019 (measurements) Manage Your Stress

Session 17: 1/16/2020 Sit Less for Your Health

Session 18: 2/13/2020 More Volume, Fewer Calories

Session 19: 3/12/2020 (measurements) Stay Active

Session 20: 4/9/2020 Balance Your Thoughts

Session 21: 5/14/2020 Heart Health 

Session 22: 6/19/2020 (last session -measurements) Look Back and Look Forward 


Location: Hope Family Health Center

2332 Jordan Rd., McAllen, TX 78503

Strengthening Families Through Mind, Body & Spirit


Please Contact GLB Coach(s): Coach & or Assistant: Anabel Cantu

Phone: (956)-994-3319 ext. 110