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About Texercise

About Texercise

No special equipment, gears or long-term costly contract- simply an innovative way to keep you moving on to a healthier-active lifestyle. The choice beings with you!

A 10-week curriculum that provides participants over the age of 45 with 30-minute information about health, emotional factors, and care plan to an active lifestyle and 30-minutes of modified exercise

The journey to a healthy life begins with you.

Get Texercise. Be Active. Healthy Eating. Keep Moving. 

For more information about Texercise at Hope Family Health Center contact Elsa Roman or Teresa 'Terry' Segura at (956) 994-3319

Requirements: 18 years of age and older

Cost: FREE

10 week curriculum Tuesdays (T) and Thursdays (TH) 9:00 AM- 10:00 AM

Location: Hope Family Health Center (ROPERO)

2019 Spring Schedule: TBA

  • Enrollment 2019 Schedule (TBA)
  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3 
  • Week 4 
  • Week 5 
  • Week 6 
  • Week 7 
  • Week 8 
  • Week 9 
  • Week 10

Upcoming Texercise Enrollment:

For more information about Texercise and enrollment date and time, contact instructors Elsa Roman or Teresa 'Terry' Segura at (956) 994-3319