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1. Utilize the Precursors of Change Model to quickly produce reorientation shifts in difficult clients

2. Move beyond Motivational Interviewing and the Stages of Change

3. Learn how to address anger in a way that more readily reaches such clients.

4. Learn how to work with subpersonalities, with the goal of therapeutic change.

5. Learn several advanced mindfulness applications for difficult clients.

6. Learn a host of novel, evidence-based techniques for clients with addictions.

7. Can CBT blame the victim? Learn to apply the Cognitive Therapy of Oppression, an evidence-based technique with the goal of liberation.

8. Learn to help elderly clients deal with meaning issues and death anxiety through the application of the precursors to aging.

8 Learning Objectives


Scan the QR code below or click on the "Buy Now" button to purchase and save your seat at the event:

6 CEUs 

Individual Rate:
$95.00 per person
January 29th- April 12th (early bird fee- EXTENDED)

$110.00 per person
April 15th- May 10th (regular fee)

$135.00 per person
May 13th- May 17th (week and day of event fee)

$50.00 per person
Student (with ID) no CEUs provided.

Group Rate:
$90 per person
(Groups over 4 or more in group fee; January 29, 2024- May 10, 2024)

Contact Yajaira Chavez-Barrera 

Phone: 956-994-3319 ext. 122

For more information:

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